Wig & Weave Professional Revamp Service


Revitalise your wig and weave extensions with our premium hair wash and conditioning treatments. Our expert stylists are dedicated to ensuring your hair pieces look and feel as good as new. Here’s what we offer:

Wig / Weave Wash

Freshen up your wig and weave extensions with a thorough and gentle clean. Our washing process removes dirt, oils, and buildup, leaving your hair pieces feeling light and refreshed.

Deep Conditioning Masque Treatment 

Restore your wig and weave extensions’ natural shine and softness with our deep conditioning masque. This intensive treatment penetrates each strand, revitalising and nourishing your hair pieces for a silky, smooth finish.

Clip Replacement / Machine Reinforcement of Loose wefts

Ensure a secure and comfortable fit with our clip replacement and machine reinforcement service. We will carefully replace worn-out clips on your wig and weave extensions, so they stay firmly in place, giving you confidence and comfort all day long.

Trim Ends

Give your wig and weave extensions a fresh, new look with a professional trim. Our skilled stylists trim the ends to remove any fraying or split ends, ensuring your hair pieces look neat and well-maintained.

Transform your wig and weave extensions today with AnnaHair’s professional treatments.


  1. Free Shipping Label: After placing your order, you'll receive an email confirmation followed by a separate email with a free shipping label.
  2. Send Us Your Hair: Use the provided label to send your wig/weave to us.
  3. Stylist Assignment: Once your hair is received, a stylist will be assigned to your wig job, ensuring personalised attention and care.
  4. Consultation: Feel free to email any reference pictures or call us in advance of placing your order to chat about your desired look. Our number is 01904 269699.
  5. Turnaround Time: Enjoy a quick turnaround of just 7 days from the time we receive your hair.
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